Sendmethecard & Applyonline.citicards: How To Take Advantage Of These Offers

We all receive credit card offers in the mail daily. Unfortunately, a majority of them are unsolicitated and quite frankly, bad offers. However, there are a few that may prove to be useful. The two solicitations that fall under this category are the sendmethecard / mychaseplatinum offer from Chase Manhattan Bank and the Applyonline.citicards offer from Citi.

Sendmethecard is an invitation sent out by Chase only to consumers who are pre-approved for their Chase Platinum card. Consumers who receive this invitation may go to to redeem their pre-approved Chase Platinum by filling out the online application and inputting their invitation number. Though the Chase Platinum is considered a good offer by many, coming with a 0% APR for 15 months and a low variable APR of 10.99% thereafter, there are other ways to take advantage of the sendmethecard offer. It is a very good assumption that if you’re pre-approved for the Chase Platinum, you probably qualify for several of their other offers that perhaps are better suited for your lifestyle.

Citi has a similar offer, Applyonline.citicards. This works in a similar way. Consumers may visit to redeem their pre-approved Citi credit card. This offer or invitation is also extended through the mail, and opens the door to several consumer credit cards geared toward those with good credit.

If you’ve received either of these offers, this is good news. If you’ve been pre-approved for a Chase or Citi card, chances are you have pretty good credit. These two banks don’t offer pre-qualified credit card invitations to people with bad credit. Therefore, getting a copy of your credit report should really not be much of a concern. If you elect to apply for a card, you have the option of comparing cards from both issuers side by side. Both banks offer several different cards with rewards programs attached to them, so you will be able to choose which card is best suited for your lifestyle. If you aren’t in the market for a new card, at least you know that you have options.

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