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CashBackForex was founded in January 2008, and they employ a sophisticated and proprietary algorithm to calculate rebates across many different brokerage reporting formats. CashBackForex offers a wide variety of broker choices, and their rebates program pays you a portion of the spreads you pay to a broker, back into your pocket. It is a great way to get more from your trades especially when your trading plan is not delivering as expected! The fact that you get money back is and always will be intriguing in a hostile forex market.

The initial message delivered by CashBackForex is – we are not a fake company and you will earn money. It is clear that they are well set up, and there are many advantages in joining them. There is no doubt that CashBackForex is the leader in the forex cash rebate world. The brokers advertised by CashBackForex are all well-known and well respected.

The obvious question is – how much cash can you make? The CashBackForex Cash Back Estimator helps you to calculate the numbers. Here are some examples:

1. Lot size: 0.1 Lots (10,000 units) @ 1 trade per day with a cash back rate of 0.1 pips will earn you $2.10 per month.

2. Lot size: 0.1 Lots (10,000 units) @ 1 trade per day with a cash back rate of 1 pips will earn you $21.0 per month.

3. Lot size: 0.1 Lots (10,000 units) @ 10 trades per day with a cash back rate of 0.1 pips will earn you $210 per month.

You can also use the Rebate Pip Calculator to do your cash back calculations. The Broker Rebate Compare Grid provides more detail on what you can expect when it comes to cash back rates.

This all sounds wonderful – and it is – BUT there are a number of aspects to consider before you jump in and make your millions.

The rebate system should be part of a well-planned and properly tested forex trading plan. You still have to focus on good money management, following healthy risk management principles, and only trade when the market conditions suits your trading plan criteria. Don’t become reckless and trade for the sake of rebates. Focus on your trading plan and your growth.

The forex rebate system compliments a healthy trading system, and is the ideal way to earn that extra cash. If you would like to go this route, then CashBackForex is the obvious choice.

CashBackForex offers accurate and timely cash rebate payments, they offer a true to their word service, with capable, quick, user-friendly support, and are always available to help you.

CashBackForex is highly recommended. CashBackForex USA is regulated by the NFA. You may file a complaint directly with them if required.

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