Sam’s Discover Card – Is it For You?

As far as retail and wholesale shopping is concerned, Sam’s Club is indeed one of the more popular ones around. Sam’s Club is an exclusive shopping center where only members are granted access. The store sells many items and goods that are offered at a much lower price. Sam’s Discover Card adds more convenience to your Sam’s Club shopping experience. This one is real credit card that can also be used at any other store that accepts Discover cards.

You can fully enjoy the advantages of Sam’s Discover Card if you use it inside the store premises. One of the many offerings of this card is the cash rewards program, which gives you 1% to 2% cash back on your Sam’s Club purchases. Generally speaking, Sam’s Card has all the features that regular credit cards have. The edge you get for availing of it is the chance to participate in Sam’s Club special in-store incentive programs and discounts that are offered exclusively to card holders.

The best thing about Sam’s Card is its simple application process. There are minimal requirements needed and little background checks are done. You only need a good credit record and you’ll be approved for the card easily. Sam’s Club Credit Card is issued prior to affiliation with Discover Card and it is available in three types, the personal, business, and direct accounts. Personal account is recommended for individuals and families whereas the business account is for small business owners. Bigger businesses can choose direct account, which allows for the monthly payment of the total purchases on the card. It is also a customizable card. Cardholders can choose from three rewards options: the cash back, waived annual fees, or the frequent flyer miles program.

Full purchasing power at Sam’s Club is almost assured once you have your Sam’s Discover Card approved. The card can also be used at all stores accepting this Card. However, you still need to pay for Sam’s Club membership fees in order to access the full benefits that the store offers to its members.

Sam’s Discover Card – Is it For You?

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