Shop YTB Turned Into Zamzuu – A Zamzuu Review – Rebate and Cashback Shopping

Everyone wants to save money when they shop especially when they shop online. This is where Zamzuu comes in. The Zamzuu opportunity offers people a chance to not only save money but earn commissions on purchases made by other people. Is the Zamzuu business a scam, pyramid scheme or just another rebate shopping site?

Rebate Shopping With Zamzuu

First of all, rebate shopping is very popular whether you use Zamzuu or another site. Just Google rebate shopping and sites like mrrebates, ebates, rebate zone and many others will be found. Rebate shopping is a great way for you and your friends to save and earn money for buying products you already would anyway. Instead of shopping at the store you and your friends shop at Kmart, Kohls or Walmart online. You get rebates, commissions on other customers you refer and many of the programs are free.

Why The Change From Shop YTB To Zamzuu

Shop YTB was very big into travel and was starting to venture into the online rebate shopping. They decided to name the division that specialized in online rebate shopping Zamzuu.

My opinion on why they turned the Zamzuu rebate shopping into an MLM opportunity is simple. More money for the company. They realized that there is only so much that can be made from the small amount of cash back rebates and would make sense (for the company) to start charging people to become involved with a “business opportunity”.

Think about it. Why would you ever PAY to rebate shop when other places offer it for free. Sure, you get $10-20 for introducing new recruits but the average person can statistically only introduce 3 people into an MLM business. After that your still charged about $50 per month to be involved in the “Zamzuu business opportunity” even if your not still recruiting new people and making money.

Also, the commissions you receive from rebates on purchases made by people you introduced to Zamzuu are small, usually less than 3% means you and your friends would have to spend over $1600 a month just to pay for your $50 monthly fee to be involved with the Zamzuu business.

Is There A Zamzuu Scam?

I’m not saying Zamzuu is a scam. I’m just saying, to earn a significant income from Zamzuu would require a HUGE number of people and a real understanding of how to market. With the small commission structure and large amounts of people needed to make a successful business, I would say just use a free rebate shopping site and earn money back without having to pay for it. If you are looking for an online business that can earn a large income do two things. Learn how to market online, preferably from a mentor that is doing it successfully already. Second, find a business with a larger commission structure that teaches a way to promote and automate it online. Good luck in your search.

Shop YTB Turned Into Zamzuu – A Zamzuu Review – Rebate and Cashback Shopping

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